The Squirrel Pub

Irreverent branding for the only pub that respects squirrels

Reviving a pub

While being one of the most iconic pubs in Coventry, The Squirrel wasn’t frequented much. The regular pensioners would gather round their pints only when there was a game, and only a handful of locals would have lunch there. We helped revive the pub by repositioning it as a welcoming, quirky and charismatic venue, to attract a younger student audience and create a real sense of community.

There's a new squirrel in town

We created a brand new identity, in print and on the web, that reflects a pub with new values. Youth, carelessness, absurdity, novelty were manifested through a nonchalant tone of voice, witty copywriting, and unapologetic colours. To further support this hip new identity, we created non-stop discounts, meal deals, competitions, booked visiting DJs, organised a rave and advertised on Tinder.

The typography behind the identity draws inspiration from the features of a Squirrel, playful and, at the same time, rebellious. These features further develop into a unique, conversational, comedic tone of voice.


The colours are inspired by squirrels (naturally), pub essentials and local culture.

The website is vibrant, unexpectedly witty and super useful: view the entire menu on the go, check upcoming events or book the venue for your kid’s Quinceañera.


The Squirrel Pub




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